... as many would coin it. Convenient, yet short lived relationships to get one by through the holidays without the total sting of being single. Surely, you're aware that the relationship has an expiration date on it with only the avoidance of being single as the cause and reason behind the relationship. Of course, All [...]

Dating, Gaston, and My Favorite Love Scenes

by Erin Ann McBride from Meridian Magazine He walked right in like he was walking onto a yacht. He winked at me, but spoke to my friend. Their conversation carried on. She was animated and engaged in what he had to say. I could quickly see she was interested in him. He was tall, with [...]

Survey Results

I know the survey is complete, but based on the comments and the large number of people who answered that they hadn't been to events I certainly hope to continue receiving ongoing comments, suggestions and (most importantly) PARTICIPATION in improving the quality of and attendance to future activities. View the results in this PDF file. [...]

3 Keys to Thriving as an LDS Single

by Jonathan Decker originally posted in Meridian Magazine I was raised by parents who were very much in love… and I think it messed me up. Sure, I learned wonderful relationship skills and observed plenty of romance, but that’s just it: I was so enamored with what my parents had that I was actively looking [...]

Seeking Real Comfort

In my short (and equally long) year as a divorcee, there's been something I've experienced and noticed among others that I felt Elder Kopischke spoke quite eloquently about as he addressed us this last conference. Being Accepted of the Lord What I'm referring to specifically are his warnings: "Those who cannot find acceptance from desirable [...]

Ramblings of a Recycled Bachelor

Two something in the morning And the silence calls To me through the emptiness Within these four walls A void created In my life Not enough time with my kids, No one to call Wife. Odd how the last year passed So quick and, yet, so slow Feels like I’m just buying time Trying to [...]

Year in Review

Yesterday was my 1 year anniversary and today marks the beginning of a second year as a recycled bachelor... I feel like I'm starting a conversation in one of those group therapy meetings... "Hi, everybody. My name is Kevin, and I've been divorced for one year now." "Hi, Kevin!" It's definitely been a year of [...]

Last Single Man Standing

Heard this little comedy bit on the radio earlier this evening (starting at 46 seconds):

If You’re Lonely, and You Know It…

Fact (and a sad fact at that): There are thousands of singles in South East Idaho, many of whom have the overwhelming reality of lack of social life. For divorcees, there are always kids to work around in getting the social life. But, when there is time to break free... There isn't really much going [...]

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