Qualities that Bring Out the Best

"There are many qualities you will want to look for in a friend or a serious date—to say nothing of a spouse and eternal companion—such qualities as thoughtfulness, patience, a kind word, and true delight in the accomplishment of another. These cost us nothing, and they can mean everything to the one who receives them. [...]

Watch Those Profile Pics!

"If your a guy in need of advice for becoming unsingle-ized..."

10 Reasons Relationships Fail & How To Avoid Them

from LoveStuff.me #10 - Getting Really Serious Really Quickly This one is something a lot of you will agree with. You start off with someone, it’s only been a handful of days and you already find yourself dreaming about the house you’d live in, the kids you’d have, the things you’d do together after marriage. [...]

The More You Know…

Found this great article with some interesting perspectives on marriage and what this particular author felt he wishes he knew before marriage. Having "flunked" my first marriage, I've become a student of relationships, marriage and love. Whether it's marriage tips from a book, an article, a talk, or personal experiences being shared with me about [...]

Integrity in Dating

I noticed this re-post of an article from Meridian Magazine on the Pocatello Singles website and thought it would be great to also share here. Integrity in Dating by Erin Ann McBride Tuesday, August 9, 2011 - from Meridian Magazine Integrity in dating. Is it an oxymoron or the ultimate challenge? Many will argue that [...]

Seeking Real Comfort

In my short (and equally long) year as a divorcee, there's been something I've experienced and noticed among others that I felt Elder Kopischke spoke quite eloquently about as he addressed us this last conference. Being Accepted of the Lord What I'm referring to specifically are his warnings: "Those who cannot find acceptance from desirable [...]

Ramblings of a Recycled Bachelor

Two something in the morning And the silence calls To me through the emptiness Within these four walls A void created In my life Not enough time with my kids, No one to call Wife. Odd how the last year passed So quick and, yet, so slow Feels like I’m just buying time Trying to [...]

Year in Review

Yesterday was my 1 year anniversary and today marks the beginning of a second year as a recycled bachelor... I feel like I'm starting a conversation in one of those group therapy meetings... "Hi, everybody. My name is Kevin, and I've been divorced for one year now." "Hi, Kevin!" It's definitely been a year of [...]


The following couples advice originated from a Facebook page Beautiful [Me].  During a seminar, a woman asked," How do I know if I am with the right person?" The author then noticed that there was a large man sitting next to her so he said, "It depends. Is that your partner?" In all seriousness, she [...]

Marriage is for Losers!

If you're a single adult as a result of divorce, you might see this title and think this will be about something entirely different than what is really meant. I'm sharing this article I found online because I feel it not only helps in marriages, but can really improve how one might approach relationships better [...]