Fact (and a sad fact at that): There are thousands of singles in South East Idaho, many of whom have the overwhelming reality of lack of social life. For divorcees, there are always kids to work around in getting the social life. But, when there is time to break free… There isn’t really much going on for them to get to.

For younger single adults (18-30ish) in age range, there are organized activities that are shared pretty easily through the wards and branches for singles. But what about the singles that are 30+? It appears there are groups out there, but in my short experience as a ‘recycled bachelor’, most of the crowd at those are 35+ or older. With singles I’ve talked to in the 25-35 single range, many feel as though there really isn’t much out there for them. One group seems too young for many of them. The other (and this may offend some people, so I will whisper) too old.

Contrast what we have in East Idaho with what is going on along the Wasatch Front in UT, and you’ll see an almost entirely different singles world. Through Facebook, there are events and parties being put together by individuals all over the place and all throughout the month. Some event are going on at churches, others at homes of singles, and some at other public places that can accommodate large groups. There are a few popular planners in UT who can really get a crowd together too. So, what are we waiting for in our area?! What is it going to take to get some activities that people are really excited to get out to in large numbers and several times throughout the year?

Well… That is the question.

If you’re lonely, and you know it…


There are a couple Facebook pages for singles in the are to connect on, but…

Still, though. Out of thousands of single adults in East Idaho, the most members there are in any of these groups is about 350. Again, contrast this with the FB group I watch to learn about UT events, LDS Singles of Utah, which has over 2,100 members. Two of the guys I know from Utah who have played their part in putting together in bringing crowds to events have 1,200 and 2,700 “friends” on Facebook.

Now, I can’t see any reason why, with thousands of incredible single adults in East Idaho, any of us should have to make the 2-3 hour trip to Utah in order to have any kind of fun… Or, get caught in the monotony of the same types of activities with the same faces over and over again at events here. Sure, let’s have monthly dances… But, let’s get more people out to them. Let’s change things up with activities during other parts of the month, too. If someone wants to do a BBQ at their house or get a large group together at a park, let’s get the word out to as many people as possible and make those events be more than worth the while to go to!!! I don’t know about the rest of you single adults out there, but I could never have too many friends.

This website will be available for anyone to post events and activities for single adults that have standards similar to the LDS faith. This site won’t directly promote activities that will be known to have alcohol or smoking in their environment. If you have an event that you’d like to post on the calendar, simply send the information to eastidahosingles@gmail.com. PLEASE, be specific about date, time, location and what age group you feel is most appropriate to attend, or fill out the Submit an Event form.