Adding one more way for you to learn about events for single adults in East Idaho. There are a couple reasons I’m adding a newsletter to the mix of mediums used to keep people informed on what dances, parties, concerts, etc. are going on in the area (neither of which includes me looking for more to do):

  • There are some who prefer an email notification of what is going on in the area and referring to the email over getting on Facebook or the website to keep current with events.
  • Some have complained about getting the wrong events (Mid-Singles vs. Single Adults) sent to them…

Rather than using a list of emails that keeps growing and growing – regardless of marital/relationship/age status that may change for individuals over time – using a MailChimp newsletter will allow YOU to determine your subscription level. Mid-Single or Single Adult or BOTH. Subscribe when you want to be informed or unsubscribe when singles events no longer interest you. And, you won’t have to email someone about being on the wrong list or requesting to be removed altogether. You’re in charge.

Disclaimer: Some of the emails you receive will still have both Mid-Singles and Single Adult related events, but that will only be because the information provided to me won’t be specific enough to help me know the difference OR both groups are welcome.

Start by Signing Up

There are forms on a few pages on this website (including one just to the right of this blog post) where you can sign up to the receive the newsletter. (IF you want to share a link with a friend to sign up, you can send them an email with the following link: http://eepurl.com/DbaRT. They will see a form that looks like this:

The newsletter will go out monthly with as many events as I am notified of. It will include links to the calendar page on this website and the events page on the East Idaho Singles Facebook group.

Helpful Tips

Here are couple ways to have events you’re interested remind you that they are coming up:

  • If you’re in the Facebook Group, Join the event. This will make it appear on your calendar and give you reminders that you are planning to attend.
  • If you have a Gmail account, you can click on the event on the Event Calendar page on this website and choose to add the even to your calendar. Then, you can set when you would like your Google Calendar to remind you of the event (days/hours).

There are only so many people involved in trying to plan singles activities and events in this area. I can only name a few: LaDawn Walker in Pocatello, Valerie Tietjen in Rexburg, Michelle Harrington in Blackfoot, and Carl Watckins who manages the SoundsofSunday.com/Single Adults page. I have to tell you – I’ve talked with some of them, and having managed this website and Facebook group since October 2012, it’s not a simple task. Sometimes only part of the event details are ever shares, the people in charge of some of the activities can remain a mystery other times, and getting the information out in a timely enough manner that people can plan on attending the activities also presents a challenge.

In the end, the information on this website, the Facebook group, or in the newsletters/emails being sent out is only as good as what is being submitted to me. If it’s incomplete, I try to get what I can to get the details straightened out or at the very least point you to the individual in charge of an activity. While there are no personal ambitions here to be “in charge” of the singles scene in East Idaho (I refer to the multiple FB groups and websites that share activities for singles in the area and even in UT on the Resources page), I would like to have the most complete calendar for the area so singles can see what is happening from Island Park to Pocatello and surrounding areas.

Outside of Adsense ads running on the website, which hasn’t even earned me enough to make a withdrawal from Google, I don’t have any way set up to profit from this site or Facebook. Some day, while it may be hard to believe for some, I do plan to convince someone to make me ineligible to attend singles activities again. At that point, I’ll gladly keep providing hosting for the site, but hope and pray someone else will come along who can keep the site updated. The more automated I can make the site and Facebook, the more people I can involve in being admins who can learn how to use the site, Facebook and MailChimp to keep people notified of events, the less likely things will come apart when that day does come. There was one site that had a long run and, from what I could see, dominated the singles scene. When the person managing that site got married, it disappeared, prompting about 3 new websites (including this one) that I am aware of to come into existence.

Point being… This isn’t a calling for me. I just happen to do websites and internet marketing for a living. I would invite those holding stake Single Adult and Mid-Singles callings to have me visit with them and show them how to manage the site, add Facebook and Google Calendar events, and add to the MailChimp newsletter so those who are following or are subscribed to information coming from East Idaho Singles can get as much relative and accurate information as they possibly can. For those not in callings, feel free to use the online form to submit events to me for consideration to post or post a comment on the FB group wall about something you’re planning to do (i.e. watch a movie, participate in a marathon, go to a concert, etc) that others might be interested in.

There are several thousand of us single adults in the area, and we should be able to get enough going on here that is fun enough and has strong enough numbers that we don’t find activities in UT as a better alternative.

East Idaho Singles Survey

Just a few quick questions to help improve singles activities in the area