Merry Christmas, from the flipside of single!

As the Christmas season is upon us, I am also approaching a year since my exit from the life of a single divorcee. The last year has not been without it’s challenges as my wife and I, along with our kids, have mixed and continued adjusting to each other, but I’ve counted myself pretty darned blessed as a result of how well our “Brady Bunch” family has come together. Enough about me, though.

How are you? I certainly understand the various emotions befalling many of you, as I had a couple holiday seasons to survive on my own as well. Might I encourage you to take this time as an opportunity for continued inflection. While there’s always the temptation to dive deeper into a feeling of dispare or self doubt, direct your thoughts to blessings you have in your life. And, don’t do this despite or in spite of your relationship status. Whether you’ve never been married before or are divorced or are widowed, there are blessings of all sizes and forms for you to appreciate.

Surround yourselves with friends and family who can remind you of your many strengths. Hopefully, the East Idaho Singles Facebook Group can help you find something to do and is able to help or has already helped you find the kind of friends and support you are looking for. Don’t just survive the holidays, enjoy them!

Above all, please don’t have the Grumpy Cat attitude toward Christmas.
C’mon, now that’s funny!